Kathak is one of the eight major classical dances of India. The word Kathak is derived from katha, meaning “the art of storytelling.” Kathak began with the community of artists known as Kathakas whose profession was to narrate history while including all aspects of drama. With dance and music, these storytellers of ancient India would realize great scriptures like the Mahabharata and the Ramayana, as well as the Puranas of Sanskrit literature.

Chandra Dance Academy’s goal is to endow the education and traditions of the ancient art of Kathak through a fresh, and youthful perspective. While keeping consistent with the ancient style, we add a modern athleticism and flair. Our aim is to perfect all parts of the dance. We offer a high-quality , certified program in which students may obtain a Visharad level diploma (equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree). It is the only Kathak program that is accredited in the Atlanta/Norcross, and Alpharetta areas. Our areas of focus for our diploma program are as follows:


The virtuosity of technique and skills acquired through systematic training and practice.


The deep understanding and versatility of rhythm and timing.

Khubsurti & Nazakat

Beauty & Delicacy.
The aesthetics of the art form and the refined subtlety of rendering expression and evoking emotion.


Pure Dance, Technique.
Movement exercises, basic footwork tatkar, turns chakkars,rhythmic patterns and timing, recitation of the dance verses bols.


Dance, Rhythm and Expression.
Interpretive gestures, expression and the rendering of traditional songs and poems.

Natya  Drama
The art of storytelling, the nine sentiments nava rasa, and working with masculine/feminine energies ardhanariswara-shiva/shakti.

Please review the Kathak schedule through the Registration link. Call for detailed scheduling. Kathak classes are available to students who are 4 and older. Advancement of education takes place through an examination process, with supporting educational materials that enable students to measure their progress and receive a certificate for each level of Kathak. If you are transferring from another institution or academy, please inquire about placement at info@chandradance.com.

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