Traditionally Bollywood dance was primarily modeled on Indian dance styles; classical as well as folk dances. As it continues to grow  in popularity, Bollywood dance is increasingly becoming a fusion of dances from all over the world. It is a highly energetic and expressive dance form. A performer will act out the words of the song and engage his and/or her audience with the story being told.

Bollywood dance classes at Chandra Dance Academy provide a fun-filled introduction to the culture, versatility, and glamour of Bollywood dance. Chandra Dance Academy provides classes for students age 4 to adult. Students of different cultural backgrounds including non-Indian backgrounds get an opportunity to understand India’s popular dance heritage.

“Fitness experts are of the opinion that if you practise dancing for at least thirty minutes for three times a week, you don’t have to worry about everyday exercise. Dancing is a fun way to exercise and also known to be one of the best forms.” – Times of India

“Bollywood dance is easy on the eye. Dramatic facial expressions and cinematic pizzazz means any viewer, dance aficionado or not, can follow the story. But beneath the fizz is a series of historic symbols and traditions, which originate in India’s numerous traditional dance forms.”- BBC News

“The fitness industry has noticed its popularity, calling it part of a trend toward ethnic-style dances where participants get a workout while learning about new cultures.” NBC News

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